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Warrior Kid Coloring Book

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Way of the Warrior Kid: The Coloring Book! Keep Your Kids Busy Coloring and Exercising While They're Home from School

FUN tool to inspire beginner/younger readers to get on The Warrior Kid Path!
POWERFUL companion piece for Warrior Kids already familiar with Marc and Uncle Jake's journeys
BIG, BOLD drawings perfect for kids to unleash their imaginations and skill
INSPIRING kids to exercise and GET AFTER IT through physical fitness and martial arts
TERRIFIC PARENTING tool for those looking to keep home schooled and stay at home kids, that are sheltering in place, occupied and engaged
SIMPLIFIED storyline so even the youngest of readers can join in on Marc's journey from wimpy to WARRIOR
POSITIVE message inspired by the lessons author Jocko Willink learned during his 20 years in the Navy SEALS

With over 60, detailed, full-page drawings, Way of the Warrior Kid: The Coloring Book! gives children of all ages a chance to GET AFTER IT by putting their inner artist and inner warrior to the test.