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Warrior Kid Poster Book - JUMBO

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Way of the Warrior Kid Poster Book

Product Overview: Inspire and motivate your children with the Way of the Warrior Kid Poster Book. This book features 25 unique and powerful posters designed to encourage kids to embrace the Warrior Kid mindset. Perfect for decorating their rooms or sharing with friends, these posters serve as daily reminders of strength, resilience, and the Warrior Kid values.

Key Features:

  • Inspiring Designs: 25 vibrant and motivating poster designs tailored for kids.
  • Educational: Each poster includes a passage from the Warrior Kid book series on the back.
  • Gender-Inclusive: Posters designed for both boys and girls to embrace the Warrior Kid code.
  • Easy to Use: Perforated lines make it simple to remove and display the posters.
  • Versatile Decor: Ideal for bedrooms, playrooms, classrooms, or gifting to friends.

Description: Welcome to the Way of the Warrior Kid Poster Book! This incredible collection contains 25 AWESOME Warrior Kid posters, each removable and ready to inspire. The posters feature a variety of designs, including Warrior Kid Code posters, How to Be a Warrior Kid, I Pledge to Stay on the Path, and famous Uncle Jake quotes. Each poster is carefully crafted to provide motivation and encouragement, ensuring your kids stay on the path to becoming Warrior Kids. With a perforated line on the left side, each poster can be easily torn out and hung on walls, lockers, or shared with friends.


  • Dimensions: 9.5 inches (width) x 12.5 inches (height)
  • Number of Posters: 25
  • Poster Type: Removable, perforated
  • Content: Motivational quotes and passages from the Warrior Kid book series