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DEFCOR Gear Box - Ultimate Discipline Equals Freedom Bundle

Product Overview:

The ultimate bundle for those who live by the mantra "Discipline Equals Freedom." Packed with essential items to keep you organized, motivated, and ready to conquer any challenge, this gearbox offers incredible value and inspiration.

What's Included:

  1. DEF Magnet Dry Erase Checklist: Stay on top of your tasks and goals with this versatile dry erase checklist, perfect for your fridge or workspace.
  2. Discipline Equals Freedom Flag: Display your commitment with this bold flag, an excellent addition to any office, gym, or home setup.
  3. Discipline Equals Freedom Wristband: Wear your motivation on your wrist with this durable and stylish wristband, reminding you to stay disciplined every day.
  4. Mouse Pad Paper, Prioritize and Execute: Enhance your productivity with this practical mouse pad that doubles as a notepad, designed to help you prioritize and execute tasks efficiently.
  5. Discipline Equals Freedom Decal: Show off your dedication with this high-quality decal, perfect for your laptop, car, or any other surface.
  6. DEFCOR Patch: Add this premium patch to your gear, a subtle yet powerful symbol of your disciplined lifestyle.
  7. Discipline Equals Freedom Pen: Write down your thoughts, plans, and goals with this sleek pen, a perfect companion for your checklist and notepad.

Total Value: $107